Video Interviewing Software – 5 Major Advantages

video interviewing software

5 Major advantages of using video interviewing software Are you a start-up company and thereby considering hiring people in a cost effective way? Then it will certainly be wise for you to get video interviewing software which will not just enable you to conduct an interview in a smart way ...

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Product Photography


Product Photography – A Quick Guide Product photography is the term used for the capturing of product images usually for marketing or web display purposes. Product photography has come a long way in recent years due to the advancement in photography equipment and the demand for good photography on websites. ...

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DJ in Dubai


Thinking Of Becoming A DJ in Dubai? Dubai boasts a luxury lifestyle and luscious clubs and entertainment, but how difficult is it to become a DJ in Dubai? And what should you do about going about becoming a top name DJ in Dubai? In the following guide I will be ...

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Aviation School In South Africa


How To Choose The Best Aviation School In South Africa Okay so you are aspiring to reach the sky soon, and want to become a pilot! That’s a nice dream which can come true for you in South Africa as you get in touch with the best aviation schools in ...

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Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks

If you want to be the best, you have to know how to play with the best. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, with more and more countries joining the fray every week. People everywhere are seemingly running around at random, looking at their phones for one express ...

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Is Dokha Tobacco Actually Safer Than Cigarettes?


Is Dokha Tobacco Actually Safer Than Cigarettes? An Arabian blend of tobacco, Dokha consists of finely shredded, dried tobacco combined with herbs, leaves and bark. It is popular among smokers in the UAE and different countries in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Generally, the ...

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Security Companies in Dubai

security company in dubai

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Security Companies in Dubai Even now when Olympic 2016 are going on what do you notice first if you open any news channels? The rate of crime at different part of the country and even world is increasing every day. There will be some ...

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Combined Heat and Power


Guide to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems An extremely efficient method, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) traps and uses heat which is actually derived from the process of generation of electricity, only as a by-product. CHP can generate power and heat at the same time. Thus, it can lower ...

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